Jesse Lee Denning is another sexy model who is ‘one to watch’

Jesse Lee Denning, part German and part Russian, is a native New Yorker. With her girl next door looks and badass tattoos, she is one of the first tattooed models to successfully cross the line between “alt” and “glamour.” While her modeling career has allowed her to travel and grace the covers of numerous international magazines including Inked, Tattoo Life and others, Jesse Lee Denning also boasts an M.A. in Art History from NYU. Beauty and brains! She also has a very popular calendar (site NSFW), and is very active in social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now do you see why we think that Jesse Lee Denning is definitely “one to watch?”

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Photo credits: Kenny Sweeney, Hassan Kinely, Rudy Le Coadic Photography, Liz Besanson Photography, Nick Suarez Photography, Darkside of the Moon Photography & Design