Jessica Biel had the greatest moment of the AMAs, and she wasn’t even there

Jessica Biel image by JStone/Shutterstock

Last night Justin Timblerlake was nominated in a bunch of categories at the American Music Awards, but his wife Jessica Biel was nowhere to be found, which got a bunch of fans’ collective panties in a bunch. Twitter was filling up with question after question as to why Mrs. Timblerlake wasn’t there at the show with her hubby, happening so often that she actually felt the need to respond back…


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This, if nothing else, should show just how pointless these awards shows are. The wife of one of the men up for “Artist of the Year” didn’t even think the show in the town in which they live and work was important enough to attend in person (i.e. Jessica Biel is awesome).

Timberlake did end up taking home three awards, favorite pop/rock male artist, soul/R&B artist, and soul/R&B album, after which he went out and partied like the rock star that he is…


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