Julie Bowen shows why she’s one of our favorites

Julie Bowen is one of our favorite actresses on television. She’s talented, funny, and beautiful. So when we saw this new behind the scenes look at a photo shoot she did recently we were very excited. There’s a reason Julie Bowen made our list of the 50 Sexiest Actresses of Primetime TV and photo shoots like this one for Lucky magazine, while not the sexiest thing we’ve ever seen Julie Bowen do (she does like the worst handstand ever), is one reason why. And so are the resulting pictures. Then again, when she gave us perhaps the GIF of the Year in 2012 and almost had a wardrobe malfunction on The Tonight Show last year we were smitten for life.

Want a little more Julie Bowen in your life? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Lucky