Kat Dennings told Justin Bieber to quit taking his shirt off

And just like that Kat Dennings is my new favorite actress. (Anyone who takes Justin Bieber to task for anything automatically qualifies.) Upsetting Beliebers everywhere, Dennings recently tweeted, “Justin Bieber’s Instagram is making me uncomfortable.”

Okay, first off, we’re going to overlook the fact that Kat Dennings has been trolling Justin Bieber’s Instagram account. That alone is a little strange. But not when you put it all in context like Kate did later.

“I would like to clear up what I said about Justin Bieber‘s Instagram. Here’s the deal. I said that about his Instragram because there’s so many shirtless pictures, and I feel like he’s too young to be posting shirtless pictures! I mean good for you, you’ve got that side stuff and you’re real young…”

Wellll, that’s still not really helping. He’s too young, but you are looking at his Instagram account? Hmmm…Now I am really confused. Maybe she’s just speaking from experience? I don’t know. Hollywood…

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Two Broke Girls Stars “Uncomfortable” With Justin Bieber’s Shirtless Selfies: “He’s Too Young!” [E!]

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