Kate Upton’s movie is #1, but why was she ‘uncomfortable’ filming her bikini scene?

File this under “WUT?” Kate Upton, who is best known for pretty much one thing, posing in bikinis, says she was a “little uncomfortable” filming the epic bikini scene in The Other Woman. If you’re shaking your head and muttering the word, “huh,” to yourself, join the crowd.

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Upton, who should really always be in a bikini, even when out at basketball games and promoting films explains why this particular time in a bikini was “uncomfortable”

“It was funny because when we were filming that scene, whenever you go to a beach, everyone’s wearing bikinis, so it’s just pretty normal. It’s part of life. But when you’re filming a bikini scene, nobody’s wearing a bikini, it’s only you and 60 crewmembers. And these two saw that I was feeling a little uncomfortable, because anyone’s uncomfortable when that many people are staring at you.”

Luckily for everyone involved, she went through with the scene because some how, some way The Other Woman beat out Captain America to take over the top box office spot this weekend. ONLY Kate Upton bouncing in a bikini top could possibly have taken Cameron Diaz to such great heights.

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Kate Upton: I Was a “Little Uncomfortable” Filming Bikini Scene for The Other Woman: Find Out Why! [E!]

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