Even Kelly Brook’s boyfriend sexted other women, allegedly

Carlos Danger isn’t the only naughty sexter out there, turns out that even when a guy is dating none other than Kelly Brook a guy just can’t help but sext other women. (I know, that makes no sense to me either.) According to a report by the Mirror, Kelly Brook busted her rugby-playing boyfriend Danny Cipriani sending sexts to other women while they were dating. Even “while Kelly nursed him back to health after he was hit by a bus in April.” That, right there, is a serious poon-hound move. No wonder she dumped his ass.

The best part is that it was also reported that Kelly called “at least six of the women” she found on his phone. “You could tell she was really upset,” said one of the women. Shocking…

Maybe this explains why Kelly Brook was all over Instagram last week posting one smoking hot, half-naked video after another? Payback?

Want even more Kelly Brook? We’ve got much more right here.

Kelly Brook ‘rages at woman she accuses of sleeping with boyfriend Danny Cipriani’ [Mirror]

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