Kendall Jenner shows nipple on Instagram just two weeks after turning 18

Kendall Jenner, Instagram

That didn’t take long. Kendall Jenner, who just turned 18, is already doing photo shoots exposing her breasts and naturally, sharing those photos on Instagram. Welcome to the family business, Kendall.

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Of course this really shouldn’t come as a surprise since Kendall has been doing age-inappropriate photo shoots for a couple of years now. What is kind of surprising is the brazenness with which the Kardashian clan is defending Kendall.

“I love seeing all of these haters comments. Naomi [Campbell], Kate [Moss], Cindy [Crawford] … All fabulous models … Models and photographers take beautiful artistic images. And I don’t hear you birds chirp then. Sit down and enjoy the view! #SorryNotSorry,” tweeted Khloe Kardashian.

Enjoy the view? Really? Thanks, sis.

Kendall may not actually accept any of those many adult film offers she received upon turning 18, but make no question she’s now officially in the business of sex. That is the cornerstone of this whole family’s success, after all.