Kendall Jenner turned 18 yesterday, already getting lucrative adult film offers

In case you missed it, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s sister, turned 18 yesterday. Those that did not miss it include several adult film companies who made her some serious offers to come work for them.

According to TMZ

And now that Kendall’s legal, at least SIX COMPANIES are hoping they can convince her to get it on in front of the camera.

One of the companies — — is saying it wants to pay K.J. and a partner of her choosing $1.8 MILLION to bump uglies.

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Brazzers, Babes and Digital Playground also reportedly made Kendall an offer with the latter even going so far as to give her her the option of going girl on girl with Jesse Jane. Always nice to have options.

I suppose it only makes sense that she got these offers since without porn none of us would even know who she is today.

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