Kesha is getting banned from whole countries now

Kesha image by Martin Lehmann/Shutterstock

Malaysia has decided that Kesha’s act is simply not fit for humans in their country and have decided to ban her from performing there. Can we do that?

First we had Selena Gomez banned from Russia, then Rihanna running amok in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, and now Kesha is getting banned? The world sure does love them some American musicians, don’t they?

Promoter Livescape said Ke$ha had promised to be a little less Ke$ha-like, but the government ultimately decided she would be too offensive in terms of “religious sensitivities” and “cultural values,” note AFP.

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Maybe if Kesha would stop telling people she had sex with a ghost this wouldn’t have happened.

Man, if we used these same standards for banning musicians and singers from performing here in America half the acts we see on a regular basis like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and, of course, Kesha here wouldn’t be able to perform either. Hmmm

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