You Can Buy A Jar Of Kevin Spacey’s Breath Off Of Craigslist If You’re Creepy And Have Money To Burn



You may have thought you read the title to this post wrong, but nope! It’s true. Some guy from Vancouver is selling a jar of Kevin Spacey’s breath on Craigslist.


There’s no set price on this fantastic waste of money and the seller asks that you just name your price. However, he/she/it does mention that Spacey had just eaten some sort of chicken pasta for lunch before blowing into the jar, which in my opinion should make the price for this thing skyrocket exponentially.

Still not convinced? Alright, here are the specifics:


I got this for my mother while working on the set of American Beauty. She was a huge Kevin Spacey fan before she passed away, I think because he resembled her first husband that loved woodwork. I don’t know if Kevin Spacey knows anything about dovetail joints or how to work an auger, but apparently he likes breathing into jars. Anyway, this is real, it’s his actual breath in there. If I recall correctly, we had some sort of chicken pasta for lunch before I asked him to blow in the jar. It’s hasn’t been opened since. Any questions, feel free to ask. If I’m not home, just leave me a voicemail. I don’t text, sorry.

Make me an offer!

Via Craigslist

Click here if you’re interested in owning your own little piece of Kevin Spacey, which is just as creepy as it sounds.

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