Kristen Stewart drops f-bombs, other choice words on a paparazzo

Twilight star Kristen Stewart went off on a paparazzo the other day, dropping a few f-bombs and hollering, “You don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do.” Which is so surprising because K-Stew always seems like such a super friendly, outgoing, not-at-all self-absorbed person.

In a video you can watch over at TMZ, K-Stew (whoops, she hates that nickname), so anyway, K-Stew is shown waiting for a ride when the photographer asks, “Why are you saying f*ck off?” To which she responds, “Because you’re a piece of sh*t and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do.” Then she drops the always classy “f*ckface” on him.

The only thing that would have been less surprising that this would have been if Kristen Stewart had also said that she hates being famous, all the money that comes with it, and all the adoration of millions of people who simply can’t wait for her to do her job. But of course she didn’t say that, she just implies it pretty much every time she appears in public.

Can’t get enough Kristen Stewart? Amazingly, we have more right here.

Kristen Stewart RIPS PHOTOG ‘You Don’t Deserve to Breathe the Same Air I Do’

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