Kristen Wetherbee is a sexy blonde bikini model, ‘one to watch’

Kristen Wetherbee was recently named one of “Instagram’s Sexiest Women” by Maxim. Got your attention? Relatively new to the modeling world, Kristen Wetherbee is a 23 year-old model from Boston. She recently graduated from Northeastern University with a Business and Communications degree and now lives in Los Angeles as she pursues her true passion: modeling. She says that aside from modeling, she also has a huge passion for health and fitness and spends the majority of her free time running, hiking, at the gym, or in yoga and pilates classes. (I’d say all the work is paying off.) She also loves music, sports, traveling, writing, exploring, being spontaneous, and meeting new and interesting people. (Nice to meet you Kristen.) And lastly, she says that you can make your vision a reality as long as you believe you can, and she aims to inspire people to do the same. I’m inspired to say that Kristen Wetherbee is definitely “one to watch.” (Oh, and she also made THIS VIDEO. You’re welcome.)

Photo credit: Kyle Goldie