Lily Aldridge was created to model lingerie

Lily Aldridge also isn’t too shabby when it comes to modeling bikinis. Hey look, here she is doing both of these things! Lily has a tendency to get lost in the shuffle at times since, you know, Victoria’s Secret employs so many damn good-looking models, but as we are reminded today, that’s a mistake.

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As you can see, this new batch of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and bikinis looks as good as every batch of lingerie and bikinis (it’s what they do) and I have to say that I’m liking what Lily is doing here. She’s got that whole “girl next door” thing working very well in a bunch of these pics. Now if I could just figure out how to move into her “neighborhood.”

Can’t get enough Lily Aldridge? Lucky for you we’ve got more right here.

Photo credit: Victoria’s Secret