Lindsay Lohan’s rehab is going splendidly

And by going splendidly, I mean that Lindsay Lohan’s rehab is as entertaining as one would have predicted it to be. I don’t know how it is that we get almost daily reports on how Lindsay Lohan is doing in rehab – I always assumed something like that would be private – but leave it to LiLo and her clan to make it into a regular news beat.

First off, it has been reported that Lindsay has been packing on the pounds because the Betty Ford Clinic won’t let her have her Adderall. That and the fact that reportedly the food at Betty Food is really tasty is just too much to stop Lindsay from snapping it up.

Second, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller is apparently also in the same facility as Lindsay for her her 20th trip to rehab (Happy Anniversary?) and wants to be Lohan’s buddy, something LiLo wants no part of because Lindsay says that “Brooke is a drug addict.” As opposed to everyone else in there who is, uh, what? Moving on…

Third, while Lindsay has been serving her court ordered 90-day stint in rehab she was sued for $5 million by D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries. This is a countersuit to Lohan’s claim that she is owed $1.1 million for licensing her 6126 clothing line trademark to them. D.N.A.M. claims Lindsay has destroyed 6126’s reputation and made the clothing line unsellable. Ya think? Unfortunately for D.N.A.M. their license agreement doesn’t have a morals clause. Whoops.

So as you can see, Lindsay Lohan is settling in and having a nice, peaceful, relaxing time at the Betty Ford Clinic. I am sure that when she gets out she’ll have it all completely figured out and be a completely new woman.