Megan Haley is good at modeling bikinis, ‘one to watch’

Megan Haley, much like many of the sexy ladies we have brought you over the years, is a model that you probably don’t know, but really should. Let’s try to fix that today, shall we? So what do we know about Megan Haley? For one she was chosen to be the model for La Isla’s Limited Edition Artists series with these new bikinis designed by Jimbo Phillips of Santa Cruz Skateboards fame. Good choice as you can see. And two…uh…well…I found these ridiculously sexy photos of her. And that’s about it. So, to sum up: super sexy model that we know nothing about, but just did a nice little bikini modeling job for La Isla. I think that pretty much qualifies Megan Haley as “one to watch” don’t you?

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Photo credit: La Isla