Finally! Paris Hilton is designing real estate properties for the world

Because the world has been waiting with bated breath for Paris Hilton to finally go into real estate we are very proud to announce that she’s opening her first property in the Philippines with the not-at-all look-at-me name of The Paris Beach Club. Try not to commit hara-kiri as you read this.

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Reports ABS-CBN News

“We wanted to provide our Azure residents the ultimate beach resort experience. Paris, with her exposure to the world’s best beach destinations, had shared very valuable inputs to achieve this objective,” said Century Properties chief operating officer John Victor R. Antonio.

“She helped us choose the material and color palettes for the project, and had compiled her style inspirations into a book for us. Now, we have a truly world-class beach club for the residents of our Azure development.”

[Excuse me for a second while I beat my head against the wall… Okay, I’m back.]

She probably just chose certain colors because that was all that was left in her box of Crayolas that weren’t broken.

And just like any big real estate developer would do here’s Paris dancing around in the water by the club like a three-year-old at a water park (she’s 33 by the way), captioning the video, “I’ve created my own Paradise! So happy with how my design turned out! So #Epic!”

Yep, that’s pretty much what Trump does. (Oh, those poor, poor Filipinos.)

Paris Hilton back in Manila [ABS-CBN News]

Photo: Paris Hilton, Instagram