Who is the sexy actress talking about bums in the Cottonelle commercial?

by 6 years ago

Have you seen the Cottonelle commercial where this blonde British lady named Cherry goes around talking to people about their “bums?” Want to know who that sexy actress is? Here’s your answer. Her name is Cherry Healey and this won’t be much in the way of news to people from England, but she’s new to us. Why do I say that? Because Cherry Healey is a British television presenter often appearing on BBC Three and has a blog on the BBC Web site. She’s also got her own Web site where she also shares a wide variety of things and also has her own YouTube channel, though it’s kind of sparse with videos. You can also keep up with Cherry’s latest on her Twitter and Facebook pages. So now when that commercial comes on your TV you’ll know exactly who the sexy, strange lady is talking about people’s “bums.”

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Photo credit: YouTube/Cottonelle

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