Shakira says she considered getting a boob job

Shakira, now of The Voice fame, says that not too long ago she considered getting a boob job as well as other plastic surgery. Now that would have been an interesting development for the singer known for her hips.

Shakira tells InTouch

“A few years ago, I considered surgery, breast augmentation and all kinds of things: ‘Maybe my eyebrows should be higher. Maybe my lips should be bigger.’ It was really making me bitter.”

“Eventually I said, ‘Forget it,’ and started accepting myself the way I am,” she tells the mag.

She says that things were “stressful” because she was going to be on TV two months after having a baby. “I’m not complaining, but it’s been full of challenges,” said the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer.

This is what is known as: Rich and famous people problems.

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The Voice’s Shakira Admits to ‘In Touch’: I Considered Getting a Boob Job [InTouch]

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