Sienna Miller looking good on camera, as always

Much like Jordana Brewster the other day Sienna Miller is one of those sexy actresses that I see and I think, “Why don’t I see her more often?” And much like Jordana, I was glad to have run across this sexy video of Sienna for a magazine, in this case Harper’s Bazaar UK. It’s too bad we don’t get to see more of her here in the States. Granted she did get a Golden Globe nomination last year but it was for a cable film that no man I know ever saw, but probably should have, and for sure if she was even half as hot in that as she was in that G.I. Joe flick awhile back. That being said, this behind the scenes video shows a little taste of why I wish we could see more of her. At just 31 years of age though we still have time. Make it happen, Hollywood.

Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar