Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez performed an odd, yet sexy duet

Dropping f-bombs on Harry Styles wasn’t the only thing Taylor Swift did this weekend. She also did a little hip-hop duet with Jennifer Lopez at her concert in Los Angeles. That’s not a pairing I was ever expecting to see. The duet of J-Lo’s song “Jenny From the Block” featured Jennifer Lopez wearing some pants that looked like she could store most of the contents of her purse in the crotch of with room left over for a sandwich. I guess that’s what all the kids are wearing these days, right? Seriously though, how old is Jennifer Lopez? 44? Maybe they were a gift from one of the evil dictators she’s performed for. So this is some day. First we learn that she likes to tell people to “shut the f–k up” and now, we learn that she can dance like like Jennifer Lopez. No wonder she keeps getting boyfriends despite her being dating kryptonite.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Shine On