Twitter Crazy: This week’s best celebrity tweets

best celebrity tweets

eldh, Flickr

Every week celebrities go on Twitter and speak their minds. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and sometimes we don’t know what they’re talking about. This list is all of that and more. Strap in. It could get bumpy.

Photo credit: eldh, Flickr

“Sources say Jennifer Lawrence won an award.”


But tell us how you really feel, Roseanne.

He’s a handwriting analyst?

That could have been awkward.


I couldn’t agree more.

Interesting comparison choice.


Self-awareness is not their strong point.

Hey, his list matches mine!

I think both are good.

That’s called turning a negative into a positive.

That would have been perfect.

I could think of other things, but she has a point.

Luckily for her she’s in a family where she doesn’t have to.

That’s an interview I might actually want to watch.

My girlfriend Irina Shayk could not agree more.

Coming soon to a new NRA ad campaign.

That’s actually very convenient.

That would actually be a great comedy bit if Teo himself were involved.

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that talk.

That’s just funny.

No matter what happens now he’ll always have that.