Watch Katy Perry experience a massive lip-synching fail live on TV

Katy Perry was performing her song “Roar” at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes over the weekend (yeah, no idea what that is) when her lip-synching track got, well, un-synched. So why do I find this so enjoyable? Because there are few things we enjoy more in life than seeing those we’ve built up into superstars fail on a large scale in front of a live audience, right?

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As you will see, Katy was trying doing her thing, “singing” and dancing, when things got really off-track. It was so bad that the host of the show actually felt the need to stop the whole performance and ask her to start again, which she did, only this time actually singing the song, you know, with her real voice. Perhaps she should have tried that from the beginning?

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