Who is the sexy actress in the American Express ‘Too Comfortable’ commercial?

Seeing as how it’s aired about 1,500 times nationally (and who knows how many times locally) I thought that you, like me, might be wondering who the sexy actress is in the American Express “Too Comfortable” commercial? The answer to that question is an actress and singer named Mary Roth.

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Through our very in-depth research we’ve discovered that Mary hasn’t done a whole lot of acting other than in commercials, but she’s done several of those including work for Geico, Almond Joy, Zoosk and Verizon. The most interesting thing we found out though is that she’s more than just an actress, she’s actually quite the singer too. Her band is named HT Heartache (video below) and has it’s own Web site, Facebook page and Twitter where you can learn more.

She also has a sister named Betsy who has appeared in several commercials, once even together in the same ad.

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Video of Mary singing with her group HT Heartache…