Who is the sexy actress in the ‘You Don’t Know AARP – I’ve Still Got It’ commercial?

I never thought I’d be wondering who a hot actress was in an AARP commercial, but after seeing it 300 times on the March Madness Live app I simply had to know who was the owner of those crazy sexy legs. The commercial called “I’ve Still Got It” features a woman who they compared to a supermodel, and damn if those legs don’t look like a supermodel’s. So who do they belong to? Well, her name is Bahia Haifi Gold, though she goes by both Bahia Haifi and Bahia Gold depending on where you look. The latter name gets confusing though since there’s also a cigar with that name.

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As for what we know about Bahia Haifi Gold we know that she’s been in several other commercials, including one for Lancome with Julia Roberts and another for Cialis. We know that she’s a client of Wilhelmina Models. (So she is a model! I knew it!) We know she has her own Web site. And we know that she recently put out this acting demo reel. Unfortunately her Twitter account is pretty barren so we can’t learn much more about her there.

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