Who is the sexy actress in the Greg Jennings Old Spice commercial?

You know that Old Spice commercial where Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings is doing pushups on the beach with a hot girl sitting on a Jet Ski on his back? That girl’s name is Crystal Cooper. According to Crystal’s IMBD bio, her first acting experience was in a couple of films last year, From the Head and A Grail of Two Idiots. Prior to that it appears that she worked mostly as a model. Her Model Mayhem bio says she works full-time as a model and actress, and get this, is a dancer for the New York Mets and New York Titans, a professional lacrosse team. She’s also been in music videos for God-Des and She and has worked as a Beach Tennis USA Circuit Girl. *furiously starts searching Google for just what the hell that is* She’s also very active on Twitter, chatting and sharing some sexy pics with her fans, amongst which I now count myself.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Old Spice