Who is the sexy actress in the Ruffles Ultimate commercial?

Surely by now you have seen the Ruffles Ultimate commercial where a conservative woman joins a poker game with the guys and proceeds to get sexier as the ad rolls on culminating with her saying, “Ba-zing!” Want to know who she is? Her name is Emily Chang and she’s actually got a pretty impressive resume. She’s been on NCIS, The Young and the Restless, and 90210 and had a small part in the film Total Recall. Her very well-designed Web site says that she is an Emmy Award-winning performer, writer, and producer in television, theater, print, and film. She won her Emmy as co-host of the documentary series, China on the Frontlines. You can keep up with Emily Chang’s ever-growing career on Twitter and Facebook as well as on her YouTube channel.

More of Emily Chang’s work as an actress…

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Photo credit: YouTube/Frito-Lay

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