Who is the sexy actress on the motorcycle in the Capital One commercial?

Surely, if you watch any TV, you’ve seen the Capital One “Purchase Eraser” commercial featuring Alec Baldwin where he pretends to be a secret agent and a smoking hot women rolls up on him on a motorcycle asking if he needs backup, right? Ever wondered who that actress is? Well, here is your answer. Her name is Tiffany Dupont from Virginia. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has appeared on TV shows such as Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, Franklin & Bash, Castle, and CSI: Miami and will be in a film in 2013 called Born to Race: Fast Track. She even has her own Wikipedia page, the true sign of fame. She’s active on Twitter and is also on Facebook. And it looks like she’s really making a serious effort to move up the ranks in Hollywood based on this interview she did for Stumped magazine. We may have a future star on our hands here, people.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Capital One