Did Your School Make The List Of The 50 Fittest Colleges In America?

There is a plethora of terrible habits in college that can destroy a person’s physical fitness such as pizza at 3am, all-day keggers, eating Ramen noodle dinners for a month straight and only getting two hours of sleep because you were cramming for an exam. However certain colleges were able to counteract all of these unhealthy indiscretions with an assortment of highly beneficial amenities and programs.

While the primary reason for colleges is to provide an education, many places of higher learning have seen the benefits of providing an all-around healthy environment for their students. This means having nutritious meals as well as facilities for physical activities so that students can work out their minds and their bodies.

For three years straight, The Active Times has utilized a wealth of information to name the 50 fittest colleges in America. They take various factors such as athletic activities offered by the school, facilities provided and whether or not those options are actually employed by the student body. Plus they examined quality of life as well as the happiness of students.

Based on these factors, the schools had a chance to earn a total of 175 points, although none of the colleges scored more than 130 points.

The Active Times started off with 142 colleges, based on their previous lists of the top 50 fittest colleges from 2013 and 2014 as well as schools named in U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Colleges Rankings.” Then they whittled them down to the 50 Fittest Colleges in America.

Here are the Top 10 Fittest Colleges In America:

#10 Stanford University
#9 Pennsylvania State University
#8 University of Georgia
#7 Rice University
#6 Bowdoin College
#5 University of Dayton
#4 Washington University in St. Louis
#3 Ohio State University
#2 Claremont McKenna College
#1 Virginia Tech

Other notable colleges on the list included:

#46 Florida State University
#41 University of Miami
#39 USMA at West Point
#38 Texas A&M University
#31 University of Florida
#29 Boston College
#25 Kansas State University
#24 University of Oregon
#13 University of Notre Dame
#12 University of California

See all 50 of the fittest colleges in America on The Active Times, to see if your college made the list.