ASU Coed Allegedly Set Her Boyfriend’s Condo On Fire Because He Cheated On Her

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Claudia Drinnan ASU boyfriend condo fire

Fox 10

Claudia Drinnan is an Arizona State University student majoring in non-profit management. Or at least she was until she allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating on her and set his condo on fire.

At least that’s what the police say she did when they found her in the middle of the night after allegedly setting his room on fire and mumbling something about him cheating on her.

According to Fox 10 in Phoenix

Her boyfriend’s roommate says he heard someone bang on the house and then he heard glass break.

“I’ve only seen this stuff out of a movie, I’ve never seen or heard of a female setting her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend’s room on fire,” said Kevan Walker.

Kevan Walker said he saw Drinnan climb into the window of her boyfriends room, and then locked herself inside. 15 minutes later he smelled smoke.

“Scariest part of the whole night is when I came outside, the flames were coming, she was standing at the entrance and I asked her what are you doing? She was just staring at the fire, she wasn’t looking at me, she wasn’t replying to my comments, she was staring at the fire, no body motion or anything, that was the scary part for me,” said Walker.

Damn. “Just staring at the fire.” Like she was some kind of pyromaniac Carrie come to life. And this was at ASU? Where the beer flows like wine and where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano?

Warning to all Arizona State males: watch your back if you cheat on your girlfriend because Claudia Drinnan has now given them all something to think about should you get busted fooling around.;;playerWidth=630;playerHeight=385;isShowIcon=true;clipId=11497725;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=fixed

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