Bro Scores Extra Credit For His Entire Class With Genius Email To Professor

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The best kind of extra credit is the extra credit you don’t have to do shit to get. “Earning” is overrated. Nothing quite chapped my ass like that dickface teacher who would assign ridiculous amounts of work for extra credit opportunities because all that did was make me feel guilty about technically having the opportunity to raise my 69 average, but not really because there’s no way in hell I’m writing an extra thesis on the French Revolution. Just let me believe that there’s nothing I could have done to raise my grade so I  don’t get paranoid when I rip this gravity bong, Teach.

A Missouri State student named Deondre Wallace found a way to give himself and his classmates a nice little holiday grade boost just for the hell of it with the power of Black Eyed Peas lyrics. Check out the mad genius go to work below:







Since it went viral, other students posted their experience with asking their professors for extra credit. Some were not quite in the holiday spirit.

Including this jerkoff professor.

Give it a shot, bros. Professors are vulnerable around the holiday season.

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