About To Be Jobless After College? This Website Wants To Find You A Full-Time Gig

by 5 years ago

campus joB

Hey. It’s cool, dude. We’ve all been there. Well, not me, I had a job right out of college because I was smart and busted my ass at an internship the summer before my senior year, but it’s okay if you didn’t. You probably had much more fun. Did a lot of drinking. I was stuck at work most every weekend and until 10 on weeknights.

But now ya jobless. And college is ending. Soon. Well, that’s alright, because friend of the site Campus Job, who have been finding great part-time jobs for college students, now want to find you a full-time gig.

Which is awesome cause, money, right?.

We introduced you to the team behind the site back in January, and once again, they’re back with more awesome opportunities for college kids.

The site is partnering with great places, connecting you new grads directly with employers like SnapChat and Yelp, so you can be a productive, gainfully employed member of society.

And have money.

Here’s their cofounder JJ Fliegelman on the new opportunities they are providing college kids.

“We built Campus Job to help college students get connected to awesome opportunities with employers without depending on personal connections. We started with part-time jobs, then launched summer internships. To meet the demand from graduating seniors and employers alike, we took the plunge and launched full-time jobs for Seniors this week. So far we’ve been overwhelmed and thrilled by the response.”

So like… what are you waiting for? Get your first post-college job here.

Or you could keep sending those resumes out into the ether and getting rejected. Choice is yours.