While You Were Playing ‘Edward 40 Hands’ And Ripping Bong Hits This 18-Year-Old Genius Just Passed The Bar Exam

While you, me, and the rest of the known population were lallygagging (bong hits, beer bongs, ice luges, game days) there was an 18-year-old from Florida who just became the youngest person in all of history to pass the UK’s bar exam. Even though Florida’s synonymous with meth, alligator attacks, and quarterback that take steroids this diamond in the rough somehow managed to escape the Sunshine State and achieve something that no person in the history of England has been able to pull off (until now).

According to The Huffington Post, the average age of someone graduating from the UK’s most popular Bar Exam training course is 27, so she was able to best the average by 9 full years.

She’s not a complete anomaly though, her genius sister also passed the UK’s Bar Exam at the age of 22. In the United States a person must be 21 years of age before taking the Bar Exam, so this super genius law freak has a few years to wait, but in the mean time she’s already eligible to take the Bar Exam for The Bahamas, because why the fuck not?

The UK’s Telegraph reports:

American student Gabrielle Turnquest was called to the Bar of England and Wales after passing her exams at just 18.
The average lawyer undertakes the Bar Professional Training Course when they are 27.
The teenager, who is originally from Windermere, Florida, hopes eventually to be a fashion law specialist.
She said: “I am honoured to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but, really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was.
“I didn’t fully realise the impact of it.”
Gabrielle has already made history at her previous university, Liberty University in Virginia, where she was the youngest person to finish an undergraduate degree there, in psychology, at the age of 16.
If the youngster wanted to work as a barrister in the UK she would still have to carry out a pupillage at a chambers for at least a year and then be granted a tenancy.
Traditionally, a trainee lawyer had to be 21 to be eligible for the call to The Bar but that was scrapped in 2009 with the introduction of the Bar Training Regulations.

Well, I guess this is DEFINITIVE PROOF that ALL AMERICANS ARE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE FROM THE UK. If the UK had smarter, more intelligent citizens than a native-born Briton would’ve broken the record for ‘youngest person to ever pass the UK Bar Exam’, but it was an American, because we’re superior…Duh.

This is how I imagine she celebrated after finding out she’d passed the UK’s Bar Exam:

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