These Are The Most Successful College Dropouts Of All Time, In Case Quitting Is On Your Mind

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Quitting College

College isn’t for everyone even though there’s this opinion that EVERYONE should go to college. If you’ve got a business idea or just think blowing $100K is a waste of time and money, college just isn’t for you.

College wasn’t in the cards for these 12 people and they turned out pretty well. Like BILLIONAIRE well in some cases. Of course there’s Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison and a few more of the usual suspects but there are a couple people on the list worth noting.

Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company was the founder of one of the world’s leading car manufacturing companies and he never went to college. He died a billionaire in 1947 and people still drive Ford’s to this day.

In 1967, Ralph Lauren began designing men’s neckties, branding them under the name Polo, and later expanding his designs to a full menswear line. His company became a multi-billion dollar earner and Lauren dropped out after two years of Baruch College in the 1960s.

Subhash Chandra didn’t go any farther than high school.He’s now the chairman of Essel Group and is credited with revolutionizing the Indian television industry. He launching the country’s first satellite television channel Zee TV in 1992.

Sheldon Adelson went to city college for one year and left. Over the course of his business career, “Adelson created over 50 of his own businesses in fields like hotels including The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas and one of the largest Israeli daily newspapers. He’s now worth an estimated 28.9 billion dollars.

Pete Cashmore dropped out of college at 19 and started a website called Mashable. The website is now worth an estimated $748 million.

So if you’re thinking about dropping out, or not going at all, you’re not doomed for failure. Unless you’re a failure. Think about it.

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