Idiotic College Kids Arrested For Posting Photo of Dog Doing Kegstand

Look, we all do stupid, dickish things when we are in college. I am example 1A of that. And we’ve all tried to feed dogs beer. That’s okay. And I love my dog, but still fuck with her all the time. Playfully. Pick her up against her will, etc.

But, you just… how can you be as stupid as to try to force your dog to do a kegstand and then post the photo online? I know you want evidence it happened to show the bros. Show them how cool you were. But, come on. And I know you were just “messin’ around,” but some dogs will lap up any liquid. This dog could have drank a TON in a very short time, which is kinda a recipe for death.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle is reporting two students were arrested for the actions.

Shane Oliver of Bergen and Robert Yates of West Seneca, both 20 were issued appearance tickets and will be back in Sweden Town Court at noon on April 2.

Brockport police said Oliver is the person pictured holding the dog, a black Labrador Retriever named Mya; Yates is the person who took the photo and posted it.

Fucking idiots. Don’t worry, though, the dog’s alright.

[H/T Business Insider]