Guess What Your College Professors Hate Most About Their Jobs? It Rhymes With ‘Smechnology’

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Students love to complain about their classes and professors. They complain how none of the good classes are at convenient times, why the hell 8am lectures still exist, how some professors don’t speak loud enough to get everything down on a recorder and why some professors won’t catch up to 2014.

Guess what — college professors bitch just as much as students, but their complaints aren’t about the privileged and whiny snots in the lecture seats, but more about what’s expected of them by the university. They hate the academic part of college about as much as students, according to this handy guide to why professors love to complain.

According to the piece, professors have plenty to complain about this year. Most of it is bullshit. For example, some professors have an issue with email. In the year 2014, professors still can’t get over the whole fucking “students have constant contact” scenario.

E-mail: You should only use email as a tool to set up a one-on-one meeting with me if office hours conflict with your schedule. Use the subject line “Meeting request.” Your message should include at least two times when you would like to meet and a brief (one-two sentence) description of the reason for the meeting. Emails sent for any other reason will not be considered or acknowledged. I strongly encourage you to ask questions about the syllabus and assignments during class time. For more in-depth discussions (such as guidance on assignments) please plan to meet in person or call my office. Our conversations should take place in person or over the phone rather than via email, thus allowing us to get to know each other better and fostering a more collegial learning atmosphere.

So students are expected to meet a professor during their two office hours that work for their schedule to get an answer to a question that could have been answered in email in two seconds. Bullshit. And I get it that this professor wants to meet her students face-to-face to discuss whatever. Bravo. Now what happens when that students hits the real world, hopefully gets a job, and can only talk to her boss via email? “I don’t have time to sit and discuss anything, sum it up in an email.”

Professors are bitching about other stuff, including the syllabi (that they create), Facebook groups for classes, Google Hangouts and “holding class conversations on Twitter.” They basically hate anything that makes academic life easier in 2014. Noted.

Well, I want to give both the profs and students a forum to complain. We’re a couple weeks into classes and I want to hear from students and professors. This is an open forum to complain. What’s grinding your gears about school, or students, so far in 2014?

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