So… A College Student Set A Sleeping Girl On Fire Then Sang To Her While She Was On Fire And Snapchatted It



Soooo… This is one of the least sane things I’ve heard a human person do, and that should mean something coming from a blogger on the internet. All day we are treated to the weirdest, creepiest, basest stories. And somehow, this one made me pause and say, “Wow. That dude is really fucked up in the head.”

That dude is Jaime Castano who was arraigned Monday for reckless endangerment and assault. The alleged crime took place over five months ago. He was immediately expelled from NYU, but it’s unclear why it took so long for criminal charges to be brought, because this is clearly illegal. Anyway, they were, which is good.

Here are the details, via Gothamist.

According to investigators, an unnamed student fell asleep in one of the beds in the room the night before, and awoke around 6 a.m. to discover holes and burn marks to the comforter on the bed, burns to her clothing, and painful burn marks on her torso.

That is one hell of a blackout to wake up from. “What the hell happened?” you have to imagine her thinking. Flaming shots again? Course, the story gets weirder.

Police say Castano admitted to her that he set the comforter on fire, which caused scarring to her torso. The young woman whom Castano set ablaze was apparently intoxicated, and had no recollection of the fire, but a video captured on Castano’s phone showed her waking up and trying to put out the flames while Castano sang to her.

Lullaby and good night. Apparently, he sent a Snapchat of it, which, imagine getting that. That might scar you for life. No pun intended there.

The woman is okay, which is good, because it allows us to embed this clip of Beavis saying fire.

That, if you didn’t already learn in the 90s, is not a role model.