Footage Of Wes Walker Party At FSU Will Have You Wondering Why The Hell You Went To College Anywhere Else

We could debate the annual ‘Party School Rankings’ from now until the end of days, but I’m going to toss this statement out there and I think you’ll all agree with me: there are just a handful of ‘true party schools’ in the United States and Florida State University is one of those schools. It’s easy for you to claim that I’m biased in this assessment because I graduated from FSU, but to those of you that think I’m biased I hope you’ll believe me when I say that I’ve partied my ass off (and thrown up on) more college campuses than the average human being sees in his or her lifetime.

This short video’s just a snippet of what a night at FSU’s like, it was filmed by College Weekly at a Wes Walker concert and it provides you with just a glimpse of what life is like at a party school (assuming you didn’t go to one). And for those of you that didn’t go to a party school I want you to know that IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO GO BACK TO GRAD SCHOOL AND PARTY YOUR FACE OFF.

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Furthermore, the fact that the University of Florida Gators ever make the top 10 ‘Party School Rankings’ is a complete fucking sham. Gators students and alumni wouldn’t admit it here (in these comments), but everyone of my friends who went to UF would admit to your face that they’d come to Tallahassee when they truly wanted to party their asses off, and that Gainesville has NOTHING on Tally. And since it’s rivalry week I couldn’t help but taking this easy shot at Miami:


And if you’re looking for more tracks from Wes Walker then CLICK HERE for his SoundCloud.