This Dartmouth Frat Bro Is Shaving His Head To Raise Money For A Children’s Hospital, Let’s Get Him To His Goal

This is Bennett. He’s a brother in the Psi Upsilon fraternity at Dartmouth College. He’s also fond of his hair. And why shouldn’t he be? That’s a healthy mane he’s got there. Father Time hasn’t come knocking yet to take massive chucks out of his hairline yet. Lucky prick.

Anyway…Bennett is also fond of helping those in need. That’s why he’s asking people to donate money to the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth and in exchange for that money he’ll doing something horrifying to his head of luscious hair. If he manages to raise $15,000, at the end of the week his head and a straight razor will become fast friends.

According to the email we received:

My fraternity brother in Psi Upsilon at Dartmouth College has decided to offer up the most important thing in his life to raise money for a local children’s hospital: His flow. While many of us joke that his hair is the only reason girls are willing to talk to him. He is actually very fond of his hair and I am stoked he is willing to give himself to the wolves for a good cause, The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Fund raising continues till the end of the week and I would greatly appreciate any help spreading the word. There on some funny options based on dollars raised, and it would be great to get him entirely hairless.

We don’t do this every day, but the My Wish segments on ESPN tear me to shreds and I have a soft spot for sick kids. So ket’s help some children and simultaneously murder Bennett’s chances of getting laid by raising this money and turning him into Mr. Clean.

You can donate directly to his Go Fund me campaign and learn more about the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth HERE.