Woman Goes Absolutely Insane At A UMass Free Speech Assembly, Making For Internet Gold

umass assembly

The beautiful atrocity you are about to watch occurred at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, as a panel of three conservatives sought to speak about freedom of speech under the event title “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?”

According to New Boston Post,

Milo Yiannopoulos, a technology journalist from the U.K., joined Canadian comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder and equity feminist Christina Hoff Sommers, in the panel discussion moderated by Kyle Boyd, president of the UMass Amherst College Republicans.

But what should have been a lively discussion turned into a shoutfest almost from the start, a video shows.

“We have organized tonight’s event to explore a single question – has political correctness gone too far?” Boyd said as he tried to get the talk going amid shouts of both support and criticism.

The panelists didn’t back down, however, and some made comments aimed at provoking listeners. Yiannopoulos kept his introductory remarks short:

“Feminism is cancer,” he stated, and took his seat.

That’s when chaos ensued, thanks to one insufferable chick who simply could. not. even.

Free speech is bullshit. If I were President, I would require every American citizen to take a mandatory IQ test and if you fail to score a 105 or above (average to high intelligence), then don’t fucking speak unless spoken to. Oh you have an opinion? Write it in your goddamn diary. This country is becoming a bunch of chiefs and no indians. Because we killed them all, Matt. THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is that we arm our citizens with hot buzz phrases like ‘first amendment’ and other references from a document that no one bothered to read and everyone thinks they can play quarterback. We have zero offensive lineman, no one willing to pull up their bootstraps, shut the fuck up, and do their part to make a living for the good of their families and their country. This coming from the dude who gets paid to write shit on the internet. Whatever, IT’S MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH STAY OUT OF MY FUCKING SAFE SPACE!

When you at a school assembly and the molly hit…

[protected-iframe id=”f520af4174650bae5a5f83aaaffd491a-97886205-37946113″ info=”//gifs.com/embed/wp5V4z” width=”152″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

[h/t TFM]

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