Rather Than Calling an Ambulance, Fraternity Brothers Googled ‘Head Injury Symptoms’ While a Pledge Was Dying

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Back in December, Baruch College student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng died as a result of a Pi Delta Psi fraternity hazing event in the Poconos.  According to the police report, the pledges were forced to wear a 20-pound backpack of sand before attempting to crawl through a bunch of older brothers who  tried to knock them down. Apparently this is called “the Glass Ceiling Game.” Via:

Pledges are blindfolded and a bowling ball-type weight is put into a bag and tied to their backs. They are then forced to walk through a human “tunnel” while others try to tackle them. The goal is to make it all way through the tunnel.

Police sources told Brown Deng was knocked down several times during the game, causing his injuries.

The next day, he died from his injuries at the hospital.  As my colleague Andy wrote at the time, investagtors were looking into how long it took the frat members to drive him to the hospital, since no ambulance was called and no medical attention was administered before then. Now a Pennsylvania prosecutor  has filed some disturbing details about his death, namely that his fraternity brothers googled symptoms of head injuries rather than CALLING 911. Via CBS:

The members of Pi Delta Psi left Deng unconscious and unresponsive for more than an hour inside a rented home in rural Tunkhannock Township, Pa., before taking him for help. They changed him into dry clothes and frantically Googled his symptoms — and then brought him to a hospital, according to a police affidavit seeking a search warrant.

Charges are expected to be filed soon. If true, the incompetence resulting in someone’s death is infuriating, mainly because it stems from them wanting to save their own asses — and their fraternity’s — rather than help Deng out.

Absolutely sickening.

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