This Freshman Girl Couldn’t Get The Hint Over Text That A Guy Had Zero Interest After Their One-Night Stand

PSA: If you’re a person (no matter the sex) and you’re in a text thread like the one below, have some fucking self-awareness and realize that the person you are talking to obviously wants nothing to do with you. Throughout the conversation, this chick logs about 40,000 words compared to the guy’s 50. At what point, prior to him being all like, “I just fucked you to fuck you, so please leave me alone” was she going to catch on?

Per Reader Email:

So I found this exchange on my phone from a couple years ago and had to share. I was a college sophomore in a fraternity, and a freshman brought some girl over who I ended up having sex with. She wasn’t great but it was pretty effortless as you can tell. I met her that night and got her number, and that’s where the conversation starts. The conversation from that night ends after she texts “where are u.” The rest is the day or two after that. I tried to be as clear as possible but she wouldn’t get the hint. The random selfie still confuses me. The pink is her signature, which I should have figured was the sign of a crazy girl. She mentions my name once, which I covered in green. The blue her friend that brought her to the party. Enjoy.

First of all, what kind of psychopath signs off with their name on every text they send? Secondly, if she was just in it to fuck this guy, she should lead with that, because her current approach is way too clingy. It’s understandable why the guy got spooked. Not only are you signing your name on every message like some elderly person who just learned how to text, but you’re coming on strong. Real strong. Can’t blame the guy for filing having sex with her again as “not worth it.”