Girls Confess They Cheat On Boyfriends During Spring Break In PCB (VIDEO)

When we last checked into PCB, girls were telling the most ratchet thing that they have done on spring break. Now the lovely ladies at Panama City Beach are telling us that they’re DEFINITELY cheating on their boyfriends.

One savvy girl gave the great advice of, “If you’re gonna cheat make sure you don’t get caught.” No shit.

An enlightened philosopher on spring break had this pearl of wisdom, “My saying is, different area codes, different hoes.” Actually that’s not your saying, you stole it from a 2001 Ludacris song.

When asked if “Do you think it’s okay to cheat on spring break” these young ladies had this to say:

  • “They will never find out, you will never see these people again.”
  • “You can make out, just don’t have sex with him.”
  • “Yes, because he’s an asshole and I don’t give a fuck.”
  • “What happens in PCB, stays in PCB.” Original.” – Real fucking original.
  • “Because it’s spring break and he’s not gonna know.”
  • “Just fucking cheat on him!”

Did your chick go on spring break without you? Well this placed no doubt in your mind that she definitely cheated on you, and probably gave a blowie on the beach at the very least. Well this solves the mystery as to why your genitals have been itchy ever since your girl got back from spring break.

The interviewers from FoolinTv seemed to really enjoy their journalistic endeavor for the truth about Spring Break by passionately making out with some of the cheating women.

All of the sudden, that dude who tried to crowdfund his trip to Spring Break to make sure his girlfriend didn’t cheat doesn’t seem as crazy.