Here Are The 50 Highest Paying College Majors (Hint: Engineering Is Where It’s At)

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Engineering Major

Getting accepted and selecting the correct school is critically important for any college student. However, choosing the right major is equally crucial in having a successful post-college career.

Using their database of millions of salary reports and analysis of hundreds of thousands of resumes, job search and recruiting site Glassdoor has announced the 50 highest paying college majors. The site determined which majors pay the most during the first five years out of college.

Their findings reveal that you want to be an engineer. The list featured five engineering majors in the top ten.

Now all you have to do is survive the challenges, torture, and all the excruciatingly hard work needed to obtain your engineering major. Good luck with that!

engineering major

You can see all 50 highest paying college majors over at Glassdoor.

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