Repulsive Video Released Of Hofstra Sigma Pi Pledges Chugging Milk And Puking On EACH OTHER

by 2 years ago


For those of you who are late to the party, we reported earlier today about a jilted ex-Sigma Pi fraternity pledge who sent a series of aggressive hazing ritual pictures to the Hofstra administrators, ultimately resulting in their charter getting revoked.

Check out the original story here, which contains swastikas, dudes in cages, hot sauce, flour, and a dude getting suspended for grinding with a girl. It truly is a wild ride.

Anyway, the story has gone super viral and has gotten even messier–both literally and figuratively–after a video has been released of the aforementioned fraternity pledges drinking milk and puking on each other.

The video below is a tier below Two Girls, One Cup, so you’ve been warned. Ok, nothing is just one tier below TGOC, but this is fucking gross.

You can hardly hear the dude in the background saying “Excuse me, sir. Can I sit this one out. I’m lactose intolerant.” That never happened, but I’m going to pretend it did.

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