Kanye West Taught A College Class And Spent Most Of It Talking About Himself

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Kanye West is 37 years old, which means that with 37 years of experience under his belt he’s the leading expert on what people would have you believe is one of the world’s most thought-provoking and engrossing topics:


But the question that really needs to be asked is, why does anyone care about him? I don’t give a shit about Kanye West, and neither should you. Yet for some reason EVERYBODY DOES. That thing where he asked some kid in a wheelchair to stand up during his concert? WHO CARES. It was a MISTAKE, it’s not like that kid ran (read: wheeled) himself home and killed himself.

You’re probably wondering how this short-lived rant on people caring about Kanye is relevant to him teaching a college class at L.A. Trade Technical College as part of his community service for assaulting an 18-year-old kid, to which the short answer is that the ONLY person who should give more than 3 wholesome fucks about Kanye West is himself…but for some reason the breakdown is as follows:



So since people won’t get the fuck off his dick and want to know what he’s doing 24/7, I present to you the topics that Kanye West talked about during his brief stint leading a college class, as told by Andre Pitts who was interviewed by Complex.

Having A Fancy Car Does Not Make You Successful:

He was giving examples of different things and saying that having a Rolex or a Benz is not something that actually represents your success because there’s always something more expensive to buy. So, he was saying that success was really being able to do things for others as well as the people around you and yourself.

The Illuminati?

And then someone finally did actually ask about the Illuminati, and I don’t want to say too much because he did tell the truth this time but I don’t have it on film so I cant really back that stuff up, but he did talk about that topic.

Kanye Only Listens To Kanye’s Music:

Someone asked if he listens to his own music, or if he listens to other people’s music. He said he likes to listen to his own music since he thinks he’s the best artist, still.

It Doesn’t Matter How Bad You Suck At Stuff, Just Keep Doing Stuff Until You Don’t Suck Anymore

He said that he doesn’t care about his Grammys but he thinks of them as reference points. And that he can point back to them and say, “I’ve proven that I can do this, so I should be able to do this.” So that’s what he was trying to get out, that he feels that he is able to do these things but that he’s being shot down by the fashion industry.

And there you have it, the inner workings of a Yeezus-addled mind. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

[H/T Complex and Gawker, image via Instagram]