L.A. Bro on Instagram Is on a Quest to Shotgun a Beer Every Day For a Year

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As Bros, we don’t need an excuse to shotgun a beer; it’s a natural reflex that’s just part of our  behavior. Good shotgunning is magical and just happens when it happens, like a kiss with a significant other or when your favorite jam du jour comes on the radio. That’s why I kinda love Instagrammer @shotgunabeereveryday shotgun-a-beer-every-day schtick. He manages to pull it off with such finesse and grace, like a Bro who knows that a good shotgun isn’t a planned thing, but an instinctual reaction. Even cooler: He’s shotgunning beers all around L.A., like an Instagram tour of Southern California for Bros.

Now if only get could get those beers down faster. Speed is key and this guy just isn’t quite there yet in getting that beer down. Damn the torpedoes.


In an elevator:

In a parade:

By the original Batman batcave from the old Batman TV show:

Chillin’ to music:

The time he almost missed it:

One-handed selfie shotgun:

For freedom!

While walking his dogs:

At the movies:

Outside Roscoes:

At the beach:

In the Hollywood Forever cemetery:

While doing laundry:

At the tar pits:

At In-and-Out Burger:


Follow his adventures on Instagram @shotgunabeereveryday

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