Fewer Millennials Are Pursuing Careers In These Two Fields Because They Must Not Like Making Money



While some schools are starting to offer curriculum more in touch with the interests of the world in 2015, other schools are still handing out degrees in the same old, same olds. For those not interested in a degree in comedy, banking or finance is still offered at just about every major college and university in the country.

Too bad no respectable millennial wants to be douchebag bankers and financiers anymore.

Fewer millennials are pursuing careers in banking and finance. While there are no precise statistics on the trend, the New York Times reported that at elite universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, “only 10% of undergraduates went into finance in 2014 — compared with the 31% who took jobs on Wall Street in 2006 prior to the financial crisis.”

Similarly, only 33% of graduating seniors in Harvard Business School’s class of 2014 pursued a career in the finance sector, compared with the 42% of graduates who went into the industry before the financial crisis, according to the New York Times.

A former business analyst at Merrill Lynch told the New York Post that “young people today are forgoing jobs on Wall Street because of its bad reputation” because “there’s a stigma to it.” So no one wants to be an asshole like dad or Uncle Dan? Maybe, but, in true millennial style the answer might be because those jobs involve the most work. BECAUSE WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO WORK?!?!

Those employed in the finance sector are known to pull all-nighters and work 100-hour work weeks, according to Reuters, and a 2012 study done by University of Southern California business professor Alexandra Michel found the prevalence of physical and mental health problems among young bankers is mainly due to these exhaustive conditions.

Plus why would they want to MAKE money when they can just TAKE money from mom and dad?

Alright, I’m being a little harsh here. To all those millennials who’ll eventually be my boss, I apologize. To the rest of you who won’t be my boss, blow me.

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