6 More of the Best Fraternity Parties In the Country

TKE Freaky Tales — Sonoma State University

Why it's great: 

Freaky Tales is a dance party Tau Kappa Epsilon has thrown for the past 15 years on Halloween Weekend every year. Let me first start off by saying it is a lingerie party, yes every woman is in undies and a bra. Each year we have over 2,000 students come out to our party and each year we bring in new talent. The past two years we have brought artist such as YG, Too Short, Dev, Jeremiah, Bobby Brackins, and Starting Six. We are the only fraternity at our school let alone Northern California that has hosted any event this large especially with multiple artist. Our fraternity does everything on our own from finding a venue, artist, lights, sound, security, etc. Did I mention all the butts and boobs everywhere. For a small school of under 10,000 kids this party is one of a kind and everyone at this school knows to get their ticket to Freaky Tales first!


Sigma Chi 4th of July — George Washington University

Why it's great: 

Fourth of July is a huge day, no matter where you are, but it's even bigger in Washington DC. Our house consistently throws the biggest banger, complete with more flags than you can ever imagine, and more girls than we can fit in our house. Usually starting at 8AM and continuing until long after the fireworks are done, it can be less of a party and more of a test of how many blackout fraternity guys can you fit in a house with beautiful women. The amount of kegs available puts other fraternities on campus to shame. The implicit waiving of open container laws makes it easy to roam the streets when the house gets too packed, and the the girls take advantage of their American liberties to wear as little red white and blue clothing as possible. Brothers who have gone home for the summer come back, a cross country trip for some. What makes it even better are the slams that are in DC for whatever internship during the summer who show up just by word of mouth. This is the party everyone looks forward to all year, and never disappoints.

SAE Pajama Jam — San Diego State University

Why it's great: 

Girls in Lingerie. Just watch the video.

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Alpha Psi Rodeo — Auburn University

I don't know if you've ever been to a rodeo, but I bet it wasn't ANYTHING like this one. First of all the University's Athletic Department plans the footballs teams' A-Day (Spring football game) around the Alpha Psi Rodeo. If the game is supposed to be scheduled on a particular Saturday, but the Rodeo is already on that day, well the game gets moved (and this is AUBURN we're talking about, where football is KING, not Arkansas State or some shit…AUBURN, home of National Champions and Heisman winners alike). Tickets are sold for months (and getting more expensive every year due to it's growing popularity). Then once the day comes, WHOO! get ready son cause it's on from sunrise till whenever you pass out.

Let me back up for a second – to get in to the Rodeo, which takes place on a plot of land in Auburn that is around 1 trillion square yards (estimate), you travel down a one lane road for about 3-5 miles off the main road. Considering there are around 40,000 people going, you can imagine how the traffic is. This is the beginning of the whole experience. People are walking around the road, screaming, yelling, drinking (obviously), girls are flashing passers-by from the bed of the truck their riding in, etc…lets just say the traffic to get into the Rodeo is wilder than any party I've ever been to at another school. Once you're in, feast your eyes on the endless supply of Southern Smokeshows scantily clad in the sexiest little “cowgirl” outfits you'll ever see (AND THERE'S THOUSANDS OF THEM…EVERYWHERE…it's Heaven on Earth). All of the fraternities rent flatbed 18-wheeler trucks and back them up to the actual rodeo arena (where the bulls, broncos, etc., buck, kick, and flail the cowboys around…yes there is actually a rodeo going on, even if 90% of the crowd would never even realize it). These flatbeds are party central. kegs, whiskey, fireball, all the essentials are flowing like the salmon of capastrano. The guys are in love with the girls (or their outfits), and the girls are in love with the attention, which creates a situational circle of perpetual ass shakin', grindin', drinkin', just all out partying unlike anything else. Anyone can sign a release and take their best shot at riding one of the animals, but (personal opinion here) it's most certainly a misguided endeavor. Back in '07 a guy got stomped on by a Bronco and unless I was lied to, he died (so ride at your own risk).

Most people don't bother trying to get involved in the actual riding of the animals, and would rather stumble around the grounds flirting and partying with the endless supply of beautiful and half-naked college girls. As the sun sets (if you make it that long) a stage is set up and a famous musician plays a concert for the survivors of the days events (like Luke Bryan or someone like that). This generally lasts until around midnight or later… Anyone who's left after that makes their way back into downtown Auburn and hits the bar scene for the remainder of the evening and let me tell you something as a little side-note (if you can get laid late night at the bar in Auburn after the Rodeo, you should turn in your man card, amputate your dick, and go lay on the train tracks). I could go for days, but I think you get the picture…this thing is EPIC…every…single…year


SAE Boxing Weekend — University of Tennessee

Why it's great: 

Why is it so great? It's 3 days of badass parties and an inter fraternal boxing tournament. The guys who fight train for up to 6 months; it's extremely competitive. There are over 2000 people at the fights every night. We've had artists such as: Gorilla Zoe, Corey Smith, Cherub, and Waka Flocka perform at our after parties. Best of all, it's our philanthropy. We raised over $140,000 this year for charity.

Sigma Chi Ski Lodge — University of Arkansas

Why it's great: 

Well first off, I saw Kappa Sigs Island Orgy on here and that blew my mind since everyone on campus knows hands down that Sigma Chi Ski Lodge blows it out of the water and is the biggest party on campus. It has been even said that it is the best party thrown by one fraternity in all of the nation. Yes Kappa Sigs Island Orgy is a good party and did have Juicy J, but any fraternity can book a big name, its about how much effort is put in and the atmosphere of the party.

No one puts more effort and probably money into a party than Sigma Chi Ski Lodge at the University of Arkansas. We have a budget of about $80,000 every semester to get weird with. Every year the pledges start building the masterpiece a complete MONTH before the party. It takes that long. We like to look at is as pledge bonding where they spend long days and long nights together using power tools, sky lifts, $30,000+ in lumber, tools, supplies, paint, and more. Our fraternity strongly believes that nothing should ever be reused. We hate seeing the same ol' props that other fraternities use in their same parties year in and year out. They just make the pledges put it up a day or 2 before the party. We like to deliver something new and better every year because we are not a lazy fraternity. The pledges next year have to remake everything again and make it even better than before by adding there own twist and making it bigger and better. First off Sigma Chi at the University of Arkansas has one of the biggest fraternity houses under one roof in the nation.

We also have something called the courtyard, aka (the squirtyard). It is a 10,000+ sq ft. INDOOR party room in the middle of our fraternity house were 90+ members live. Half of the rooms in the house have windows on the second floor that look into the courtyard. Construction of Ski Lodge: First we have older engineering and architect members draw up a new bigger and better blue print for the construction of ski lodge. We then give this to the pledges, buy all the supplies as needed and let them get started. Since we build this massive wooden construction in our house, older members are always around to help guide the pledges from past experience and give them new ideas. First thing we build is a massive cabin that serves as a stage for the artists. This is no bull shit, cabin, this thing is fucking massive and takes a while to build. It is about 30ft tall and 40ft wide and 30ft deep. Next we build the ski resort which is on the opposite side of the courtyard facing the cabin. This is always fun to build every year because it is like building a giant tree fort/stands and it is bigger, better, and completely different every year. Last year the ski resort was about 20 ft tall, 60-70ft wide, 30ft deep. It had 4 different stadium seating decks, 7 staircases, handicap seating, and one wheelchair accessible handicap ramp built since we have a member in a wheelchair. This ski resort/fort/stadium seating fortress has to be approved by the local fire department and considered safe so they come test it out and it is always built super damn good, with sturdy rails all around it. Last year the pledges built hidden trap doors in it for easy access to beers, and the year before we built and underneath grotto area with couches and a stripper pole. We make sure the pledges do something different and creative with it every year. When then build 2 smaller double decks, each on the other sides of the courtyard and they are facing each other. These decks are typically about 20ft wide, 15ft tall and consist of a higher and lower deck with 3 staircases on each of them.

The pledges then cover all the structures with legit log cabin bark wood to make the structures actual log cabins, or should i say log structures i guess? This takes a long time and is very hard because putting the log cabin bark wood perfectly all over such big structures requires a ton measuring, cutting, pledges, and a sky jack or 2. Well building the structures require that as well, but the barkwood just sucks because its fucking heavy as shit and scary as hell when you are putting it on a 30ft cabin on a sky jack. There is a ton more behind the build process, but I will move on. After everything inside is build, we always build a giant bark wood fence around our house to keep the weird fucks out and because it looks cool as shit too. The pledges always have to build two new creative entry ways, one into the house, and one into the court yard. My pledge class built a mini cabin outside the house right before you walked in and it was sweet. The pledges also stain every bit of the wood to make it look better and also put actual pine trees and pine branches on top of the cabins, resort, decks, and entry ways. We then have every sorority decorate giant 8ft by 4ft cut outs of mountains and line the entry ways and cab with them. We also have them decorate snowflake cut outs, banners, and other random shit to put all over ski lodge. The pledges also have to hang 8 ski lift chairs, (which are heavy as fuckkkk…) from the ceiling and make them look like they are ski lifts going up and down the mountain. The pledges also use fake snow to white out all of the windows, and buy hunderds of dollars of cool ass Christmas lights to hang all over everywhere.

The last thing that is done, is we bring in snow from Aspen, CO. Jk, we actually buy a fuck ton of this styrofoam insulation that looks exactly like fake snow and fill the house with it up to every ones knees and everyone knows that what girl doesn't love playing in the snow that is not cold? No but really, people pass out in the snow and get lost and I have stepped on several people the next morning in the snow. Now for the party: We have date night thursday night, which is just for us and our dates and we typically get a couple country bands, jam bands, or cover bands since we are just with our dates.

The next night is sorority night, where just sigma chi members and sorority girls are allowed and we usually get a big name artist. The last night is the huge party night, where everyone that receives a wristband can come. The main ski resort deck and side decks can probably hold close to 500 people and then around 2000-3000 jam into the winter wonderland of our courtyard and rage balls. The theme typically is 80s ski lodge so everyone dresses up in neon 80s rager ski attire and gets weird. Last year we had several dub step and mashup artists like kapslap, na palm, and more. We try to get 2-3 acts to play each night. This upcoming year we are looking into Adventure Club, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, 3LAU, and many more to throw a complete rager. Acts we have had in the past range from, eli young band, vertical horizon, wade bowen, gorilla zoe, ying yang twins, sister hazel, king chip, and more. Some of those acts were for our Row Week Party, but i couldn't remember which ones played at ski lodge over the past four years since I was hammered.

After the party, we also donate the $30,000 of wood to cops, firemen, school workers, and many others until its all gone. Believe it our not, there is a lot more put into Ski Lodge than what is just wrote here. I have a million awesome photos, of the building process and the party pictures, but we don't have a ton of good video footage because everyone just wants to rage instead of document the party. The sound and lights guy though uploaded a few shitty ass videos that I will submit in the links below. I am our social chair though and next year, I am hiring a film company to come in and document the whole thing and make us a promo video afterwards which is going to be badass. But all in all we easily spend $60,000-$70,000 on lumber, tools, supplies, artists, lights and sound, and much more.

A month of building and preparation goes into this just for 3 days and then the pledges tear it all down after it's over. From my biased personal opinion I believe it is easily one of the best parties thrown by one fraternity, if not the best in the nation. I don't know how no member has never submitted anything about it, but its probably because we get hammered about social media shit all the time. But, I was cracked out and had to inform you guys about the best fraternity party in the nation, hands down.