New Study By Dating Site Ranks The Most Desirable Coeds In America

I’m not sure this is the best way to rank the hotness of various coeds at college campuses across America, but it certainly is interesting.

Dating site, a site where you submit a dollar amount in order to get a date, pulled data from all of their accounts that registered with a “.edu” email, and ranked universities based on the actual prices men are willing to pay for a first date with a female student there. Of note: the site offers college students a free premium membership upgrade when they register with their university email addresses.

And since the real March Madness has now been whittled down to the Sweet Sixteen, they have released their findings with the top 16 most desirable coeds by college based on the average price paid for a date with a female student there.

As you will see below, the University of Kansas tops this year’s list, with students at the school fetching an average of $324 for a first date, considerably more than the average date offer of $120 on Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, indeed.

Notably missing from the list: Arizona State and Florida State. Perhaps the coeds at those universities don’t need payment in order to go out on dates?

Rank – University – Average Date Offer
1 University of Kansas – $324
2 Rutgers University – $310
3 University of California Los Angeles – $298
4 University of Southern California – $286
5 University of Mississippi – $263
6 Villanova University – $250
7 University of Texas at Austin – $232
8 Columbia University – $225
9 University of Florida – $218
10 University of Georgia – $209
11 University of Arizona – $198
12 Duke University – $186
13 Louisiana State University – $177
14 University of Virginia – $163
15 University of Notre Dame – $159
16 University of Wisconsin – $150