New Data Shows Most Popular Takeout Food In College — And It’s Shocking — But There’s Something Else Alarming About This Study

takeout food


You’ve probably been at school and ordered takeout a handful of times already and according to the data released by Grub Hub this particular food — if you can call it that — was probably on the list.

It’s not pizza, wings, breakfast sandwiches or fast food. Nope. The most popular takeout foot with college students is fro-yo. Fucking fro-yo.

Frozen yogurt ranks number one and here’s the rest of the top ten from 2 to 10 — waffle fries, chicken souvlaki pita, chocolate chip brownies, hibachi chicken, vegetarian spring roll, sweet and sour chicken, a slice of pizza, buffalo wings and spicy California roll.

Now while all those foods are specific, and delicious, there’s one more stat from Grub Hub that’s absolutely shocking.

In addition, college students seem to have forgotten their manners. College diners are 10% less likely to say “please” or “thank you’” in special delivery instructions.

When the hell did people have to start saying thank you in the special instructions section? I’ve got to thank a random person for doing their job when I ask for no pickles? Look, I’m all for being polite, but I’ll be god damn if I’ve got to go around being cordial when ordering delivery food. I’ll tell the delivery guy to pass on my thanks to Bob in the kitchen.

[via USA Today]